Understand prototyping: for non-designers.


5 Minuten


1–5 Personen 



Divergierend, visuell, aktivierend

By Giada Polini

The How-cards is a method that allows non-designers to test their products in an efficient way through prototyping. The cards make the prototyping methods and tools accessible to people with no experience in the field, by asking simple questions on what the user wants to test and by providing the correspondent prototyping tools. 

  • 1. Mind ready

    Sit down at a desk with your team-members (if any). Make sure you do not have any distraction.

  • 2. Choose topic

    The cards are divided into: software prototyping, hardware prototyping, service prototyping and business prototyping. Choose one according to your idea/product.

  • 3. How?

    Choose a “How” question according to what you would like to test most urgently.

  • 4. How to!

    Turn the card and discover what prototyping methods you can use for your question.

  • 5. Prototype

    Choose one prototyping method. Check the mentioned references, they help you understand your next steps.

  • Not needed
Benötigtes Material
  • Access to the internet to be able to check the references written on the cards. This can also be done at a later time.


It’s best to only choose one how-question at a time. You can’t prototype too many things at once.

It’s best to keep the sessions very short: if you spend too much time on it, you might lose the focus on what is really more urgent to prototype.