Innovation Culture Thermometer (Self-Check)

Capturing the current Innovation Culture in an organization with a Self-Check.


60 minutes


10–15 people



  • Sammeln
  • Ideen kreieren
  • Visualisieren & Verorten
Von Beat Jost (2019)

The Innovation Culture Thermometer (Self-Check) method allows for a meaningful evaluation of the current innovation culture in an organization (company/department/team) in a self-check manner. The team members of the organization are consulted on a 1:1 basis by the team-leader (not workshop) to foster openness. The main elements of the method are a Questionnaire regarding various innovation culture aspects («Data»), which is being sent to the team members to fill out – after returning the questionnaire, the team members are invited for an explorative Interview (1:1 basis), in order to follow up on the questionnaire and also to cover the more quantitative aspects. The consolidated results will then be visualized with an innovation culture radar/spider chart, showing the main pains and gains.

  • 1. Prepare

    Prepare the design tools «questionnaire» and «interview» for the respective, to be evaluated organization/team. Download questionnaire from Google docs or download PDF.  

  • 2. Questionnaire

    The questionnaire is individually being sent out to the members of the organization/team by the team leader and are also filled out individually by the members.

  • 3. Interview

    After receiving back the questionnaire, the explorative interview (based on questionnaire topics) is being conducted individually by the team leader with the team members, to also get more qualitative input.

  • 4. Consolidate

    The results from the questionnaires and interviews are being consolidated in order to receive the team view regarding the innovation culture aspects.

  • 5. Visualize

    To help present the results, the findings are being visualized with an innovation culture radar / spider chart, showing the manifestation in the organization of the individual innovation culture aspects. Download template for radar chart from Google docs oder download PDF.

  • Innovation-manager for design Innovation Culture Thermometer (Design Questionnaire, Interview, heatmap)
  • Coordinator for Innovation Culture Self-Check (Team Leader); send out questionnaire, consolidate, conduct interview, visualize
  • Interviewer (Team Leader)
  • Interviewee (Team members)
Required material
  • Meeting room
  • Print-out pictures for interview
  • Print-out individual questionnaire (per team member) for interview
  • Visualization tool (excel radar chart, etc.)
  • Good mood :-)
Print-out pictures for interview
Print-out pictures for interview


Be aware that questionnaires provide a good main direction of a perceived culture (not 100% accurate, given the fact that people are not 100% honest).

Provide a stress-free atmosphere during the interview, as people sometimes are uncomfortable speaking about «delicate» subjects.

Advise people to respond to the questionnaire rather speedily; when pondering the questions too long, people tend to interpret too much and add too much of the «wished situation» rather than describing the actual situation.

Advise people to respond rather extreme in the ratings in the questionnaire, in order to receive as clear a picture as possible with the visualization / radar chart (easily identifiable pain and gain areas).